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Eight Tips to Avoid Festive Over-Eating.

Festivals are meant for celebrating quality time with family and friends; which means dressing well, looking good, feeling loved. But with all these over-whelming emotions, we all tend to over-eat. So here’s how to combat excess weight gain and over-eating.

1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

We all know hydration help digestion, which reduces bloating, heart burns and stomach upsets. Along with that hunger is often disguise of thirst so it’s a good idea to carry a water bottle everywhere you go and make sure you drink at least 2.5 lt.  everyday.

2. Quantity of food matters

While eating healthy and following diet plan is impossible during festivals. You can always control the serving size and still eat all your favourite food but with strict portion control.

3. Keep Healthy  Snacks in your Bag

This rule is good for all time but make sure to follow this specially during festive season. Because, there is less to do and snacking seems an easy time pass. Here’s a list of healthy snack.

  • Almond ( high fibre, slow energy release)
  • Dried cheeries, apricots, raisins
  • Walnuts
  • Dried roasted channa
  • Makai ( roasted corn)
  • Fruits
  • Dark chocolate

4. Exercise whenever possible

Although, hitting the gym is difficult atleast try going for swimming, jogging or doing some cardio activity in the morning like jumping jacks, skipping or butt kicks along with few squats and push ups.

5. Freezing left-overs

If a lot of food is being cooked at home. You can freeze them so they are not ready for rapid and unresisted over eating. Now, during Eid ul Adha freezer is also too jammed pack so you can always send the food to relatives and neighbours.

6. Avoid Liquid calories

These foods are often too spicy and salty so one tends to drink more soft drink to satisfy the thirst. Taking a few sips of chilled water could really help control and curb the desire of too much soft drink.

7. Eat what you love most

Now, while you can’t resist your favourite food atleast eat less of what could be resisted to save few calories for your favourites.

8. Eat slowly and guilt free

Do follow these tip and eat guilt free becuase guilt and stress also tends to weight gain. Plus taking small bites and chewing more could really help digestion by mixing more saliva in food. This will also make you more satisfied with less quatity of food.

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