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Five steps to develop a Exercise Routine at home. (Busy Women)

For my friend a trip to beauty parlour once in 20-25 days is her ‘Me Time’. It was sort of her happy hours. Many women take only few hours in a month for physical beauty and almost completely neglect their own health and fitness on which everything depends. So here’s a post to get you started with 15-20 minute exercise routine at home to keep you invigorating, smart and charged for the rest of the day.

1. Exercise Videos 

Exercise with videos is a lot easier. It’s like having your exercise buddy. You might start with other cardio and stretch exercises before you fully follow the videos. If you are above 30 year of age and you haven’t exercised in a while. You might consider taking your physician’s advice. I’ll be sharing two of my favourite video links that can be add in your ‘Youtube Watch later list’. One set of videos are for over-weight women and other one for more active women.

Jillian Micheal: For active Women, it has three levels. Here’s level 1.

Chris Powell: For Over-weight Women, it also has three levels. Here’s level 1.

2. Other Cardio and Fitness Activities
You might also do Zumba, Yoga, Swimming ( specially if you have lower body injury or joint pain). Running, Cycling, Walking, Skipping and/or take to some sport with your buddies or even kids.

3. Fitness Apps

There are also good apps you can use for exercise and tracking daily calories.Their notifications are also motivations. I’m sharing here a few apps that you can download.

  • Weight Loss (Jillian Micheals)
  • Lose it
  • My Diet Coach

4. You need a routine.
Morning hour are best for exercise. Always set an alarm for workout to keep you going. Also, if you’re too busy, set thrice a week routine.

5. You have to take out time.

If you try, you’ll and you must spare 30 minutes in a day thrice a week  to reap long term benefits. Don’t leave it for weekends which are even more busy.

For housewife, after dropping kids to school or after husbands leave for work; 15-30 minute workout before starting that long never ending day is highly beneficial.

For working women, early hours before breakfast with few dates or banana along with tea or coffee is even better.

If incase, you start your day as early as 5-6 am then may be evening workout, 2-3 hour after lunch and may be a after small nap ( if you could get it) might work for you.

Remember, there is only one kind of bad workout which ” Never Happened”.

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