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9 Clothes Keeping Ideas and Tips for better oraganisation

9 Cloth keeping ideas and tips every one should remember

Clothes give us a personality. They warm and protect us. We also ought to give them their due care. We don’t realize but next to food, good clothes are the reason we work hard in our lives. So that’s how  important clothes are and even laundry take many hours of our week. So a little care can really make the chore of clothing easier and organised. Buying lots of clothes will never solve the problem until you learn to keep clothing. Remember, clothes that fit well and look good on you are difficult to find.

Keep a sewing kit next to you when folding washed laundry. Cut loose end, stitch loose button or hook or stitch the torn parts on clothing. You will never wear torn clothes ever. And the feeling of care it will bring to your loved ones when they see their clothes are sewn and loose button are stitched without asking — will be priceless.

Always fold clothes neatly with hemlines on one side. So when you place your pile of clothes in wardrobe, hem side faces the back wall of the cupboard. Not only, this will create a neat and tidy look. The value of a piece of clothing is in how you fold it.

If you want to be punctual always, prepping and ironing your clothes a day ahead could make a great difference. As, it will save your time and energy to get ready. And you’ll leave home in a positive state of mind with nothing forgotten.While many people like to store dirty laundry in one large laundry bin or even washing machine. Always keep a little basket in or near your washroom. So dirty clothes never touch the floor.

When doing laundry we often find clothing that are inside out. Turning dirty laundry inside out could be disgusting. While, you can change your habit, developing a family habit could be difficult. To teach them, just wash and fold those clothes that were inside out as it is. Next time, when they wear inside out clothes, they will remember to turn their clothes right before dumping in washing bin.

Another method which can be used for kids is — gather all inside out clothes, socks undergarments in a place . Do not wash their clothes that day and when they are back from school ask them to turn it right or don’t wash it till they turn it right. In few days, they will develop a habit.

Never dust your shoes or furniture with dirty laundry. It is pretty quick and practical but certainly not good etiquette. Hope you never did it.

As a rule give away all those everyday clothes that you haven’t worn for a year. Whether new or worn out. You didn’t want them in 365 days you might not want it ever. Some people are in dire need of those clothes. Give it away. This de-cluttering will not only clear your wardrobe but remove all negative energy. You’ll be able to see clearly which clothes you really need to spend on and which were superfluous want.

Weather you fold clothes into a pile or hang them. Always try to arrange them in descending colors from darkest to lightest. I start from shades of red then orange; yellow; green; blue; black and finally white. Similarly, a separate segment for printed clothing like stripes and checks. You can further divide in formal and casual. Round and polo neck T-shirts. Half and full sleeves shirts, and so on. It not only helps finding clothes but pleases the eye.

Last but most valuable, your clothes dignify you, protect you, and serve you. When they are worn out or you have worn those clothes many times and don’t want them anymore. Wash them, fold neatly and give them to needy people. Make a bag or pillow cover out it. BUT do not make a foot mat or mop out of clothes you have worn. Because, you’ll not realize when you started doing same with people. Actions and ways of thinking are closely linked.

Now, its your turn to share some clothing etiquette suggestions in comment box.


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