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How to make easy Orange Jam recipe (kennow)

Easy Orange jam recipe step by step with photos.

Here, in Karachi, winter season are so short, I keep a bucket list list of things that I have to cook during winter. That includes soups, jams, peanut chikki and sesame chikki, carrot cake, gajar halwa, keema khichri, gol papri and gun phera.

Pakistan grows many varieties of oranges like Mausami, Red blood, Malta, Fuiter, Kennow and few more. Kennow(also spelt as kino, keno,kinoo,kenoo) variety of orange is mainly produced in Punjab, Pakistan and also in few areas of Indian Punjab and Rajhistan. Kennow is a Mandarin variety with loose thin skin and sweet and sour taste. They are very juicy.

Oranges are best fruit for jam recipes, their tartness, and subtle bitterness and the tangy aroma when the jam cooks refreshes every corner around the kitchen. I’m using Kinnow for this jam, but Sivelle or any juicy oranges you like are fine.

Notes for beginners in jam making.

  • For setting a jam we need pectin. As oranges naturally have large quantity of pectic so we will make jam without commercial pectin. We will make a muslin bag of pith, pips and membrane that has high pectin.
  • Many people complain about a very bitter taste of homemade orange jam, specially kids do not like it. So we will make jam with juice and rind only and no white part will be added to jam plus we will remove the muslin bag too when jam is half done. If you add the pulp directly in jam removing seeds and membrane. It will become marmalade. ( But jam will still slightly bitter taste that is enjoyably good)
  • Adjust the taste of jam according to your oranges. So if your oranges are very sweet add up to 1/4 cup of lemon juice. If your oranges are tart no lemon juice required. Similarly adjust sugar to your taste.
  • Jam Setting test is very important, in which you keep chilled plates in freezer. And test your jam on plate. If jam is watery, cook more. If jam sticky and seem setting your jam is ready.
  •  Avoid over cooking. Over cooking is when you cook jam to a level when sugar starts to caramelize( you’ll see jam getting foamy on top and rising to the top of pot) Stop cooking before that stage. As it will differ taste of jam and the jam will be too thick to be spread on toast.
  • Good new about all jam making is that you can always fix it. Just reheat your jam to boiling point then do changes.  If it too thick add water; or if too thin burn some water. If it is less sweet add sugar. Then fill your jar back with hot jam.

How to make easy orange jam recipe.

Author: Mariam Huzaifa

Recipe time: 2 hour | Prep time:15 minutes|Cooking time: 1 hour 45 mins|Cuisine: World, Pakistani, Indian| Recipe type: Jam, marmalade, Breakfast, diy, gluten-free|Serving: 2-3 cups, 600 gm with jar


  • Juice of 10 oranges, 750 ml
  • pulp with seeds and membrane of five oranges
  • 2 cup sugar
  • 2 tbs orange rinds
  • 1/2 tbs  to 4 tbs lemon juice, as needed


  1. Keep few plates in freezer for setting test. Sterilize a glass jar by boiling in water bath for 8 minutes,  and then cooling on clean towel naturally.
  2. Remove the rind of 1-2 orange with sharp serrated knife. Take care not to remove the white part of skin and peel only orange rind. If little white appears on rind, scrap with the knife.
  3. Juice the oranges in citrus juicer.
  4. Put half of the pulp on the muslin bag and tie it tightly with a string.
  5. In a thick based pan, add juice , sugar, orange rind and muslin bag.
  6. Cook jam for 30 minutes on medium high with occasional stirring. When liquid is reduced to half, remove the muslin bag and continue cooking.
  7. Cook jam until liquid is reduced to 1/3 of the intial volume. You can do it on medium high heat with constant stirring. (The will be still liquid but it will set once it is cool.)
  8. Test the jam on the cold plate. When the jam is sticky, it is ready.
  9. Fill in sterilized jar. And store in fridge. Stay good on counter too for 10-15 days in cold weather.

Step by step how to make Orange jam recipe with photo.

Place few plates in freezer for jam setting test. Sterilize a glass jar by boiling in water bath for 8 minutes,  and then allow drying naturally on a clean towel.

Remove rind of 1-2 oranges taking great care not peel the white part. Scrap off any white part if peeled with skin.

Cut rind into thin slices. They taste like candy in the jam. ( These rind taste very good after cooking)

Juice your oranges.

Put half of the pulp in a square muslin cloth.

Secure the bag with thread, put two to three tight knots (so it doesn’t leak while cooking).

Place sugar, orange rind,  juice and muslin bag in the pot. Cook on medium heat.

Keep stirring occasionally.

After 30 minutes or when liquid is reduced to half remove the bag and squeeze with two spoons.

When jam is reduced to 1/3 it is ready,(60 minutes). At this stage the jam will be thin liquid and runny. Do a cold plate test on the jam by spreading a teaspoon of jam on cold plate. If jam start to set on plate upon cooling, it is ready.  Fill hot jam in sterilize jar. 

Store in fridge, the jam will be of spreadable consistency.


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