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Ice cream float ideas (easiest drink ever)

Step by step recipe of ice cream floats and ideas.

Ice cream floats; as the name implies this drink has soda which usually come from soft drink and ice cream. It is very old recipe of my favourite party drink when I was in my teens.

In summer, ice cream floats are very cooling and refreshing. Because soda and milk both are alkaline, they both cool down acidity and high sugar also replenish some of the sugar loss due to dehydration. Ice cream floats also make a delicious welcome drink in summer specially for kids.

It combines two of the children irresistible foods that is ice cream and soft drinks. Making this is super simple and you can try innumerable combos in this recipe. I’ll suggest a few below. But you can create your own unique and healthy ice cream floats too by mixing any juice or sharbat and soda with ice cream of your choice. So go crazy and experiment new ideas. Vanilla ice cream blends well with all sort of soda flavours.

Ice cream float ideasPakola ice cream float:

This one’s my favourite!( Pakola is green coloured and ice cream soda flavoured drink.) Pakola taste great with vanilla ice cream to make Pakola floats.

Coca Cola ice cream floats:

Coca Cola or Pepsi cola taste great with chocolate or vanilla  ice cream.

Fanta ice cream Floats:

For this you can mix orange juice plus soda or just fanta or Miranda with orange or vanilla ice-cream.

Snow white ice cream floats:

As name suggest this snowy white float is made with any lemon/ lime soda (like 7-up or Sprite) and Vanilla ice cream.

For a single glass of any of above drink fill half glass with ice cream scoops and pour soda on top.

So you see there is hardly any recipe. It’s so obvious. Why I’m writing this post is for revival of this drink and to give an easy estimate of this recipe. In recipe card below I’m sharing 1 litre soft drink recipe so if you are serving a large group, you have an idea of 1 litre estimate.

You can check more summer drinks here; Jaggery Drink, Ginger Lemon Drink, Cucumber lemon drink.

How to make 7 up and ice cream floats?

7 up and ice cream floats recipe
A quick drink to charm guests with absolute ease.
Author: Recipe 52
  • 1 litre 7 up
  • 750 ml vanilla ice cream slightly thawed
  • 5 tablespoon lemon juice optional, for extra lemon flavour
  • 5 glasses preferably tall
  • 5 thick straws
  1. Fill two scoops of ice-cream into each glasses and pour 1 tablespoon lemon juice in each glass.
  2. Just before serving fill remaining of each glass with chilled 7 up. ( Pour slowly so drink doesn't overflow)
  3. Add straw and serve.

Step by step recipe of Ice Cream Floats

ice cream floats ideas I have used Ice cream glasses, you can use similar or tall glasses. Fill half glass with ice cream or two scoops of slightly thawed ice cream also pour lemon juice if adding.

Pour soft drink of your choice. Enjoy the fizz.

Please share in comment which combos you have tried and also other suggestion. I would love to hear from you.


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