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Knorr presents Karachi Chefs at home Festival

We all love food and we love to cook with our own hand. It’s so much fun being in absolute command and prepare exactly what suit our palate. No rules and no recipe; simply taste buds playing creativity! When you can have friend who share similar passion and you all are part of a community where you share everyday cooking photos and learn recipes; share ideas, pose questions, knit warm relations. Yeah.. that’s what Karachi Chefs at Home, a loving thriving community on facebook is about. No politics, no gossiping, food prepared with love is what reflects in all the post. Everyones willing to help and support. Here’s a photo of Saba Mohsin, the admin of the group.

The community celebrates a yearly festival where celebrity chef appear, contest, awards, prizes and lots of exciting talks happen.

Date and Venue

Knorr present Karachi Chefs at Home festival happened on 10, march, 2018 at Vintage – Global Marquee between 2.00pm-7.00pm.

Concept of the year

The event begun quite on time with lovely Kiran Khan as a host. The concept behind this year’s festival was to encourage and incorporate vegetables in everyday diet for healthy lifestyle. And hence, a contest was also promoted where members were asked to post face expression with their least favourite vegetables. The contest was on lighter note but was met by minor criticism.

Event Manager and Sponsors

A great thanks to all event manager and sponsors for conducting a successful and one of a kind event in Karachi. Such festivals not only promote healthy living and life style but also bring the women of different cultures and communities together and encourage unity in society.

Knorr Pakistan

Saba Mohsin (admin Karachi Chefs at Home)

Symmetry Digital

Mandi Express


Desert Land

Bits and Bobs


Allaya Khan

More Happenings at the Festival

Kiran Khan asking the attendees for Urdu poetry, songs and other hobbies.

Zarnak Sidhwa

Naheed Ansari

The stage, screen and live cooking.

Food was being served on individual tables and recipe of food was displayed on the huge screen. Unlimited supplies of tea and knorr noodles.

Puzzle activity:



Active and old members were bestowed with Star chef and Chef of the year awards.

Hi-Tea Buffet

#knorrKCHChefFest was so much fun. It’ll be back next year.

Photo Credits: Rabiah Paracha


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