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Coconut delight dessert recipe, No bake| Step by Step

Step by step easy shredded coconut delight dessert recipe with pineapples and photo of each step.

This is a convenient easy dessert. I have made it with freshly shredded coconut as well as desiccated coconut. Both taste yummy.

Ok, I got this recipe from my friend who often makes it on short notice. This is super quick, if using desiccated coconut. My friend would not add gelatin in this recipe and let it be a little runny while the taste remains same. So, the original recipe is quick and doesn’t call for gelatin. I feel a dessert should set well. So, I have added gelatin, you may skip it if you’re in hurry and don’t like gelatin.

You can learn more about how to use Gelatin here.

My kids didn’t like this dessert much as they don’t like coconut so don’t make it for someone who is not a fan of coconut.But you can read more about benefits of coconut here.

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How to make Coconut delight dessert recipe?

Coconut delight dessert recipe
Prep Time
10 mins

A quick dessert for coconut lovers.This dessert will remind you of pinacolada.

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: World
Keyword: Coconut delight dessert recipe
Servings: 6
  • 1 tin (450 grams) fruit cocktail (fruit and juice separated)
  • 2 tablespoon gelatin powder
  • 1 cup shredded coconut or ¾ cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 tin (400 grams) sweetened condensed milk
  • 200 ml cream (tetra pack)
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Few drops vanilla essence
  • 25 gram milk chocolate
  1. Separates the liquid and fruit chunks of cocktail. Spread the fruit in a 1½ litre dish and refrigerate.
To Bloom Gelatin
  1. In a hot water bath, place a bowl with gelatin.
  2. Heat the cocktail liquid until warm and pour over gelatin in hot water bath. Mix at regular intervals until gelatin crystals dissolve completely.
  1. In a large bowl mix condensed milk, cream, desiccated or shredded coconut, lemon juice and vanilla essence until combined. Now, mix in bloomed gelatin. Pour this mixture evenly over the fruit in dish.
  2. Set in fridge overnight or freezer for 2 hour to set. Garnish with a layer shredded milk chocolate on top. Serve chilled.

Step by step coconut delight dessert recipe

Remove black part of coconut.

Wash coconut.

Shred coconut finely in a food processor. (You may use store bought fresh or desiccated coconut.) Set aside.

Separate fruit and juice of cocktail. In a 1½ litre dish set a layer of fruit and refrigerate. Heat juice.

Boil water in pan and place a bowl with gelatin in it. (This is hot water bath.)

Pour heated warm cocktail juice over gelatin.

Mix well at interval until gelatin crystal dissolve completely. Set aside.

Mix cream, sweetened condensed milk, coconut in a bowl.

You may mix fruit in cream or make separate layer in bottom of dish as suggested above.

Add vanilla essence.

Add lemon juice.

Pour cream mixture over fruits in the dish. Refrigerate overnight or freeze for two hour. Garnish with layer of shredded milk chocolate. Serve chilled.

Coconut delight dessert recipe


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      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you liked it.😊

  2. Fatima wasi

    Hey can you tell which milk chocolate you used?

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    could you please verify how much fruit juice you used to bloom and melt the gelatin thanks.


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