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Tomato paste Recipe | Step by Step

Step by step recipe of tomato paste with photos of each step.

Winter is my favourite season and it brings carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges and fresher veggies. Tomato paste is best and most space efficient way to store tomatoes. Sometimes, curries need a tomato kick and tomato paste is just what you want for a quick fix. And it is so convenient and useful in pizza or pasta sauce or just like that on its own.

I’m sharing a small batch recipe of just 2 kg that will yield only 1 small jar of tomato paste about 250-300 ml, (depending upon type tomato.) So you may double the recipe if you use tomato paste more often.

Tomato release lycopene, an antioxidant upon cooking. This substance gives the intense tomato flavour upon slow cooking.

Various methods to make tomato paste:

Sun dried tomato paste

In some countries like Calabria, tomatoes puree is sun-dried to make tomato paste at 38 C. The process takes 3-4 consecutive days. You need to spread tomato puree on wooden slab or trays and let it sun dry. Remember, to bring the trays inside at night to avoid moisture sitting on it and damp it.

Oven dried tomato paste

You can also mimics the original drying process and dry tomato puree in baking tray in an oven for about 3 hours at 200 C. You’ll have to stir all trays at intervals of twenty minutes. After most liquid is dried collect all tomato puree from different trays to one tray and continue drying until tomato paste is thickened.

Tomato paste on stove top

The recipe that I’m sharing is made on stove top. It is super simple. Make tomato puree and continue to cook until paste has thickened. The easy step by step will be definitely helpful, so let’s dig in.

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How to make Tomato Paste Recipe

Tomato Paste Recipe
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 10 mins

Making tomato paste is fun. Try to use fresh tomatoes as they taste better.

Course: Condiment
Cuisine: Italian, World
Keyword: tomato paste from fresh tomatoes, tomato paste recipe
  • 2 kg tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon sugar optional
  • ΒΌ teaspoon salt
  • 2 bay leaves
For tomato puree
  1. In a food processor liquidise tomatoes.
  2. Strain the liquid tomato through a coarse strainer to separate seeds and skin from raw tomato puree.
For tomato paste
  1. In thick bottomed and wide pan, take tomato puree, sugar salt and bay leaf. Cook on high heat for about 45 minutes.
  2. Cook further on medium flame for 20-30 minute with occasional stirring. Remove bay leaves and discard.

  3. When tomato puree is thickened to a paste like consistency cook on slow to medium heat until water doesn't separate from the sides of paste. (That's the sign of completion.)
Recipe Notes

Spoon the paste into ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen store in freezer bag and use as required.

Step by step recipe of Tomato Paste Recipe

To make Tomato Puree

Roughly cut tomatoes in large chunks.

Blend all tomatoes.

Strain through a coarse strainer.

Now you have seedless, skinless smooth puree. Add sugar, salt and bay leaves.

Cook on high heat for 30 minutes with occasional stirring.

The puree is reduced to half.

When tomato puree has reduced a lot, cook further on medium flame with frequent stirring until it forms a paste.

Tomato paste is ready.

See, there’s no water on sides of paste. This is the sign that paste is ready.

Tomato paste recipe

Freeze the tomato paste in ice-cube tray and then store in freezer bag.


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