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Ramadan iftar cannot be complete without refreshing Iftar drinks.While I’ll still suggest to drink plain water at Iftar with fresh fruits. I understand sometimes, you really wish to add drinks on your Iftar table. Most of these drinks are made with fresh juices which make them better option than soft drinks. However, I recommend jaggery lemonade or plain jaggery water for Iftar over any drink. As it cools and refreshes you.

Iftar Sharbat Recipes

Jaggery Lemonade

I’m adding this in top of the list as jaggery has many benefits and cools the heat of gut.

Mint Lemonade

Mint lemonade recipe

Mint lemonade is a very refreshing drink but I suggest to make this occasionally for Iftar. Since, this drink contains a lot of sugar and the tartness of lemon can cause also cause soar throat to many if drunk regularly.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Mint Lemonade 1 (1 of 1)

Strawberries are rich in anti oxidants. This drinks is very tempting and yummy. It is a freezer friendly drink. You can make syrup and freeze in advance. This drink will definitively add some value on your Iftar table.

Fasla Sharbat

Fasla or Phalsa is a berry that grows in warm places.

Fasla is another refreshing drink which is famous for its cooking effect. Although, I’ve shared easiest method to give you finest Sharbat, this Sharbat takes some time to make. Plus it is seasonal fruit and available only in few regions of world.

Plum Sharbat

This is easy to make drink and you also make its syrup and freeze in advance. With the syrup you make plum slushing or Plum margarita or plum lemonade.

Keri Sharbat

keri Pudina Sharbat recipe

Raw and green mangoes are called Keri in Urdu. It is another fruit of summer and is rich in nutrients. It’s is also recommend to kill the body heat and provide energy. It is another great choice for Iftar drink.

Some people also add bottle gourd in this drink which is again cooling and refreshing.

Date biscuit Shake

dates shake

This recipe is for kids who do not like dates. The shake with biscuit is tempting for kids and is very healthy. It’s also help gain weight.

Ice cream float

This post has many suggestion for different combo of ice-cream flavours and drink.

This is very easy to make as you just mix up cream with soft drink to make it.

This drink is good option for serving in Iftar dinner and I don’t recommend this for daily Iftar as it has soft drink in it.

Cucumber lemonade

We all grew hearing cool as cucumber. This is budget friendly, easy to make and cooking drink specially for fitness lovers. In this drink you can skip all sugars and add little honey for sweet kick.

Ginger lemonade

This is more of after Iftar drink that would help digest those fried snacks that aren’t healthy but are often served in Iftar buffets and dinners.

Saffron and nut milk (hareera)

This is King’s drink. It’s really delicious for saffron lovers.

Since, milk and nuts are very rich. I recommend having this drink only if you plan have this drink and dates only— and skip other iftar snacks. This will give you enough energy to continue with prayers and keep you full till regular dinner.

Do you have any Iftar drink recipe? Share recipe in comments or submit your recipe here.

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