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Step by step Pakistani Ramadan Recipes is live for almost three years now. Gradually, I kept adding recipes for Ramadan / Ramadan. Developing a recipe collection specially for Ramadan was something I anticipated eagerly for a long time.

I’ve divided the post in Section for convenience, I wish this become your easy guide when you are looking forward to recipes for Iftar.

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Fried Ramadan Iftar Recipes

1. Chapli kabab Recipe

The origin of these kabab is in Peshawar, Paksitan. Chapli kabab are raw mince kabab that are shallow fried and has pomegranate arils and tomato chunks in it. They are super easy to make and ‘Chatpatta’ in taste. These are shallow fried kabab.

2. Shami Kabab Recipe

Shami kabab needs no introduction. These are most commonly made kababs in South Asia.

These kabab are made with boneless meat and Bengal gram. Since, they are cooked first and then rolled into kabab. They are most convenient to freeze in advance. You can also make shami bun kabab with these kabab. These are shallow fried kabab.

3. Mince Cutlets Recipe

These mince cutlet are soft, juicy and full of flavours. These are again very simple but delicious amongst fried snacks. You can also use cutlets in your burger as burger peti.They can be made in advance and can be frozen for a month.

4. Keema Samosa (Mince Samosa)

This a spicy samosa recipe. The spice of mince along with crunch and sweetness of onions make a lovely combo. And when you dip your super crunchy samosa in green chutney, it’s delight in every bite. You can freeze these too.

5. Corn cheese ball

This is super simple and easy cheese ball recipe. The is also very versatile recipe. You can also add chicken, chillies or your favourite herbs in these balls.

6. Seekh kabab

In this recipe, I’ve shared detail of different method to make seekh kabab masala. I have also shared recipe of seekh kabab masala. But you can also use ready made spice mix to save time . These are stir fry kabab and not even shallow fried.

7. Aloo patties


Aloo patties are every kid’s favourite snack. These patties are double distaff a good yummy you eat.

8. Crispy Chicken Tenders


I’m so proud of this recipe, it’s taste delicious. The crispy crunch is so satisfying to bite. And it is so easy to make and the cornflakes coating stays crisp for long. So this recipe is freezer friendly, plus you can fry ahead and keep them in oven warm for sometime until served.

9. Chicken 65


If you like chicken to be juicy, and it’s crust loaded with flavours of tempering. Chicken 65 is just what you want. It’s spicy, it’s aromatic, it’s juicy, it’s tangy too. It also easy to make.

10. Chicken nuggets


An all time favourite, kids friendly, freezer friendly recipe. Since you can make ahead and it never fail to please , I recommend it.

11. Instant Noodle Frittata


Now, Frittata is Italian dish. This Frittata is delicious and is made with instant noodles. The mayo and cheesy vegetable filling oozes from inside. This dish is stark change from regular Iftar dishes.

12. Crispy Sesame Nuggets Recipe

sesame chicken nuggets recipe

Sesame gives a unique twist of taste to regular nuggets. These nugget can be fried, baked or even frozen ahead for Ramadan.The recipe shares instruction for all methods. You can also use these nugget to make sweet and sour chicken.

13. Spaghetti Balls Recipe

Your family would love you for making these. The spaghetti balls turn really crisp and yummy. Everyone enjoys these goodies.

Baked Ramadan Iftar Recipe

1. Alfredo Chicken Crepe

Chicken Crepes recipe

These are delicious absolutely! You can make everything in advance and heat in microwave. If you like cheese , creamy, spicy Iftar. This dish is for you.

2. Paratha Roll bake

Tikka paratha roll bake recipe

This recipe is hallmark of desi cooking wedded with western style. As we use frozen paratha and tikka chicken to make the rolls, it is easy to assemble the dish. The chutneys used to make these roll are mint and tamarind chutney. Both chutney are staple in Ramadan in any desi home.

3. Chicken and vegetable Bread pie

This is another easy to assemble cheesy and creamy pie recipe. If you have leftover chicken you can use in this. If you have any chicken filling available you can use in this dish.

4. Mince meat pie (with bread)

If you wish make kabab and do not have time to roll and fry it. This recipe will make thing easy for you. This recipes very close to other kabab recipe and you can also switch few spices to suit your taste buds.

5. Mincemeat pie 2 (with potato)

This mincemeat pie is very like first mince pie but it uses fried potatoes instead of soaked bread which make it a gluten free pie. You can also add boil potatoes instead of fried potatoes.

6. Chicken Rolls Up | Video Tutorial

This one is fancy chicken roll. They are really tempting. The recipes show Step to make in oven but actually you can stir fry these rolls until chicken is tender.

7. Cheesy Chilli Bites

Cheesy Chilli bites recipe

This easy peasy delicious side along with other Iftars. These are pretty spicy and cheesy and yummy as well. I mean you burn your mouth and after 5 minutes you again want to have same experience. The cheese that flow out is also yummy and crisp.

8. Red Tikka Ketchup Chicken

If you juicy, Tikka flavor sweet and sour chicken for Iftar. Give this easy chicken a try. You won’t regret it. You can have you chicken on it own. The recipe shows how you can add stir veggies, boiled egg and chip for extra kick.

More coming soon! I’ve so many more recipes to post, so bookmark this page and visit this page after sometimes as I’ll keeping more to this category.

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