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9 Chai Recipes for Every Chai Addict| Step by Step

Drinking chai can be a sacred pleasure for some. It sets your mood, calms you, makes you feel energised. It can charge you to concentrate and think!

But there are other aspect too of drinking tea. Desi people mix herbs and spices to their tea for extra boost of energy.

Most important reason to drink tea is ‘kachehri’ — the endless talk with friends and family with numerous rounds of tea.

So if you claim to be biggest Chai addict, if you are ‘Bed Tea Person’ (having tea before you brush) than you must be acquainted with these great versions of tea.

Tip to make a good Chai :

  • If you like rich and thick ‘dhoodh Patti Chai’ , you can achieve it by adding, condensed milk (instead of sugar), or evaporated milk (instead of milk ), or a good tea whitener like Nestle Every day.
  • For ‘Kharak’ chai always make sure that the of bubbles when tea boil are brownish and not cream coloured. (The cream bubbles will give milky taste and undermine strong effect of tea.) To attain this you can add an extra pinch of tea powder and cook for few more minutes.
  • If making any spice or herb tea. Always boil herb or/and spice in water for 3-5 minutes until color changes. Then add milk followed by sugar.

Disclaimer: I’ll be using tea and chai inter changeably throughout the post.

1. Chai Latte| Doodh Patti | Pathan ki Chai

This is supreme dream of chai tea. A most loved, most commonly enjoyed version on tea on tea stall and dhaba.

It is made with milk and tea only and no water is added. The tea is constantly stirred in a special way to get a ‘kharak’ (strong) ‘Karhi howi’ (the state when milk is condensed by evaporating tea.)

While, I’ve linked a recipe to Doodh patti but actually chai is serious business. So you might experiment and make your best versions. It just need 2-3 attempt till you fix your perfect recipe. Good Luck!

2. Pudina wali Chai (Mint Tea)

This is a tea to be enjoyed after heavy meals. The mint helps digestion and stop bloating. The flavor is refreshing and pair well best with ginger.

3. Adrak Wali Chai (Ginger Tea)

This is a treat for ginger lovers –spicy and strong. This is a tea you enjoy after a long day at works. It really soothes your mind and can also relieve your headache. It can also lit your mood by taking away some stresses. Sip by sip relax yourself.

The post also shares recipe of ginger green tea. Isn’t that double delight.

4. Chocolate Chai

If you love hot chocolate and you also love your tea. This is a Merry combo of both. This is weekend night tea. When you enjoy a cup of rich chocolaty tea watching you favourite drama or movie.

It’s a hot chocolate treat for big boys and girls.

5. Orange Chai recipe

Beware! That’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This is Vitamin C rich tea that you might enjoy sometimes in winter. It’s not everyday thing but the tangy flavor is a thing to try for any tea lover.

The post also share orange tea recipe, orange green tea, orange black tea and orange milk tea Aka chai recipe.

6. Kashmir Chai

This tea is delight and love of many. But unfortunately getting a strong and we’ll brewed Kashmiri Tea is really difficult. Most place serve ‘badam pista Doodh ‘ Aka Almond Pistachio Milk with added pink color. Unlike, other teas, this is a salted tea and not sweet. Althoug

Here’s my step by step recipe to make your own. This tea needs a special kind of green tea called Kashmiri tea that gives red color upon cooking. Then you add cream, milk, nuts to this tea. This is also a body warming tea usually consumed in winters.

7. Indian Masala Chai

The is much loved tea all over India. It uses a number of spices. So, people usually make a blend of spices and tea. And usethe blend called Masala to make this Chai.

I’m not a big lover of this tea taste wise . But this is good tea when you have cough or cold and just want to relax.

8. Kharak Cardamom Chai

‘Kharak’ means strong. This tea is famous everywhere but much loved in Middle East. Actually, the Middle Eastern ‘Kahwa’ also has strong flavor of Cardamom. So no wonder Cardamom Chai is so cherished in that region. I also love this tea, the Cardamom has very refreshing and relaxing effect on mind. The strong tea also sends away drowsy feeling.

9. Cinnamon Chai

Just like cardamom, you an add a pinch of cinnamon to your cup of tea for cinnamon chai. This tea is a good option for people trying to loose weight and cinnamon helps weight lost.

I personally like cinnamon chocolate combo better than cinnamon alone.

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