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Ramadan Iftar Salad Recipes

Step by step recipe of Salad for Iftar during Ramadan.

I can’t tell about you but I’ll love bowl of salad for Iftar. And I bet, sometimes you’ll also find it great for a change. So here are few yummy salads.

1. Tang Fruit Salad

This is not like your regular fruit salad with banana and guava. It has apples and oranges, raisin and peanuts. You may skip oranges if not in season. It has hydrating cucumber and Vitamin A packed carrots too. Seasoning is tang orange juice powder and few more ingredients.

The taste is just yum, refreshing sweet and sour.

2. Potato Raita salad

This is a super easy and quick salad. If you crave a channa chat or similar things. You can quickly make this salad and it pretty much satisfies the craving.

You can also plan it with pakora and qeema samosa. This salad also pairs very well with Pulao and raita.

3. Spinach Corn Salad

This is a healthy yogurt dressing salad, and I promise it doesn’t taste healthy, it’s really delicious.

You need only corns, fresh spinach and yogurt and seasonings. You can also add cucumbers if you like.

4. Corn Pasta cumcunber salad

corn pasta cucumber salad recipe

This is crowd favourite salad. This salad has only corn, pasta , cucumber and French dressing. This salad pair well with fried fish and other sea food.

This salad is also kids favourite.

5. Dahi Phulki salad

Take your Dahi phulki chat to a crispy fun level. Make sweet yogurt, add potato cucumber and onion. Then served with crunchy Phulki loaded on top and enjoy. This is so easy to make salad and so yummy.

6. Hummus

Humus lover this recipe is for you. A simple recipe from Scratch you make that finger licking hummus. Serve hummus with freshly toasted pita bread and the combo is so yummy.

One more tip for humus is give it at least 3-4 hour resting time so the flavours incorporate with each other.

7. Spinach Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad

This is another of my healthy and refreshing salad. The seasoning has sesame seeds in it which gives this salad a delightfully nutty flavour. The combo is mozzarellas cheese, tomato and spinach is so yummy.

8. Citrus fruit salad

What could be more energetic and healthy than a bowl of fresh citrus fruit salad. Although, this is seasonal fruit which might not be available everywhere.

The post shares detailed method to cut fruit and remove pulp.

9. Chicken Salad Sandwich

I know these are sandwich and not salad. But these chicken salad sandwich. While you can eat the sandwich spread as yummy salad too. You can also make the sandwich for Iftar and I bet you they never fail to please. They are sooo good.

10. Baked Mashed Potatoes

Now, don’t give me that questioning look. This salad is to paired with grilled chicken or fried meatballs ball at Iftar. Like you can pair it with a high protein dish. And this also taste so delicious. The garlicky soft and yummy potatoes are kids favourite too.

More Iftar Salad Recipes Coming soon!

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