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Pakistani Chicken Gravy Recipes| Step by step with photos

Chicken Gravy Recipes

Step by step Chicken gravy recipes easy with photos of each step in English. These can be eaten with rice or roti.

Indian / Pakistani Chicken Gravy Recipes

All ofthese recipes are great for everyday cooking. Most of these are just right for Indian, Pakistani, Punjabi, desi taste buds. If you are on this page looking for gravy recipes, I assume, your family loves high carb food, i.e roti and rice. Sometimes, coming up with variety is so difficult. And, I know, how I hated making chicken gravies. So, I made this collection of simple recipes that are just great for everyday cooking and most of them have staple ingredients.

I had anticipated to post this collection for a very long time; testing and re-testing all recipes from time to time. I wanted a collection of least 15 Chicken gravy recipes but then I decided to post it now and add more on the go.

One more thing, all these gravies can be created with boneless or whole chicken. I personally, prefer chicken on bone as the juices from bone add more flavor to gravies, while boneless chicken made with chicken breast is too dry.

So, this page will be frequently updated with new recipes so bookmark and you’ll find new recipes every few weeks.

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1. Chicken Karahi Recipe Step by Step

Chicken Karahi recipe Pakistani

This is epic Punjabi chicken gravy recipe. You just can’t go wrong with this. The chicken is cooked in spicy tomato gravy with subtle spices. The unique style of cooking in wok (AKA Karahi) will take your heart. This will be surely take a permanent place in your everyday chicken recipes.

2. White Chicken Karahi Recipe Step by Step

A dhaba style quick chicken in yogurt based curry. Spiced with freshly grounded cumin, coriander and pepper. A quick and simple chicken gravy recipe with delectable flavours and aroma.

3. Chicken Korma Recipe Step by Step

Chicken korma recipe Pakistani desi style

This is easy recipe of desi style korma. Korma is highly aromatic curry with blend of many whole spices. This is simple recipe of traditional korma that can be eaten with nan, sheermal or taftan.

4. White Chicken Korma Recipe Step by Step

A variant of traditional korma in yogurt based curry with almond paste. If you love aromatic food than this chicken gravy recipe will hit your palate and soothe it.

5. Green Masala Chutney Chicken Recipe Step by Step


The chicken is cooked in mint, fresh coriander and yogurt paste (AKA chutney) along with spices and walnut paste. Great chicken gravy recipe if you love herbs .

6. Chicken Cashew Curry Recipe Step By Step

A rich and creamy curry for cashew lovers. Spiced with roasted and grounded cumin and coriander. The curry  get it’s final touches from aromatic tempering.

7. Tikka and Ketchup Chicken Recipe  Step by Step

This is easy but loud chicken recipe that calls for tikka masala, ketchup and mayonnaise or cream. It is served with sautéed vegetable. A unique and delicious chicken that can be eaten with rice or roti and even alone without any carbs. Lastly, you can make it chicken pieces and boneless chicken too.

8. Kashmiri Chilli Chicken Recipe Step by Step

A bright red chicken with sweet and spicy flavor has a blend of kashmiri chilli, raisins and yogurt. This chicken curry is not like everyday curry and can served with rice or roti. You can also eat the chicken alone without any carbs.

9. Chicken Ginger Recipe Step by Step

Chicken Ginger (AKA Adraki Murg) is a Punjabi chicken recipe. As the name shows, this chicken is a treat for ginger lovers. The spices are just basic but the taste so comforting on any winter evening.

10. Chicken white kofta recipe Step by Step

Yogurt, coconut, cream all blend together with roasted cumin and coriander to make this yummy kofta curry. The kofta meatballs are soft, full of flavour and melting in the mouth. You can have meatball after meatball and skip the carbs, so yummy!

11. Butter Chicken Recipe | Step by Step

This is a Punjabi recipe that’s super creamy, buttery and reasonably spiced. The chicken cubes are marinated first , then cooked and smoked and then added to creamy tomato gravy. This recipe is a crowd pleaser!

12. Chicken Manchurian Recipe

Chicken Manchurian is an sweet and sour chicken. Taste great with soup in winters.

13. Chicken Haleem Recipe

Haleem is a wheat, pulses and meat porridge. It is cooked with number of spices and can eaten alone or with naan, chapati or other flatbread.

14. Khao suey Curry

This chicken Khao Soey curry is so easy to make because instead of cooking chicken and coconut curry separately, this recipe cooks both together in one pot. This curry is served with noodles but you can also eat it with rice or roti.

More coming soon!

Below in comment section, you can post your requests of similar gravy recipes that you would like me to make. Or share what you feel about  such recipe collections. Should we come up with more? Are they handy?

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