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Sabzi Recipes, Quick and delicious | Step by Step

Sabzi Recipes, collection of Step by Step quick and easy everyday sabzi recipes.

These recipes are really simple. Step by step pictorial makes the grasping very easy for new cooks.


Add a bit of extra oil and sear (Bhunna) vegetable curry to burn excess water on high flame for 2-3 minutes till oil separates from sides of pot. This trick can greatly elevate the taste of these sabzi recipes.

Most these recipes can served with plain rice or khichri , raita and roti. I also added two veggie salad and two snacks in the post. The salads and snacks are great way to add vegetables to diet in form of tasty dish.

  1. Aloo Palak Recipe (Spinach Potato Curry)
<li><a href=""><img src="" class="size-large" width="360" height="239"></a></li>A simple but delicious spinach and potato curry that can be served with plain rice along raita. Spinach is amazing source of iron and fibre, another good reason to eat it. Get recipe <a href="">here</a>.

2. Aloo Baigan Recipe (Eggplant Potato Curry)

This is a delight for eggplant lovers. The curry so simple to make. Just dump in all ingredients and let it cook slowly. It turn out great with so little effort. Get recipe here.

3. Bhindi Masala Recipe (Okra Curry )

Bhindi / lady’s Finger / Okra get slimy upon cooking. So, this recipe shows how to make delicious Bhindi without letting it get slimy. Get recipe here.

4. Mix Vegetables Curry Recipe

This one is my favourite. The best thing about mix vegetable is you get different vegetable or different combo of vegetables in every bite. This make it so interesting, you enjoy eating bite after bite. The recipe is dear to my heart and delicious. Get recipe here.

5. Karela Masala (Bitter gourd Curry)

As the name says ‘bitter’. This vegetable is love of few for it’s distinct taste and some simply hate it. This recipe also share a trick to reduce its bitterness. Get recipe here.

6. Sarson ka saag (Mustard Greens Curry)

Again this vegetable also a distinct taste. When cooked in special way and served with butter. The ‘sarsoon ka saag’ can be a feast when served with fresh corn flatbread. (Malai ki roti) Get recipe here.

7. Aloo ki roti

This is melt in the mouth roti. The ingredients are all staple in any desi home and you can make it quickly. Making it is slightly tricky. But thanks to the step by step recipe tutorial, it turn out great in first attempt. Get recipe here.

8. Vegetable Biryani Recipe

If you love vegetables, give this vegetable Biryani a go unlike like Biryani this is juicy. Has lots of chunky vegetables and gravy to enjoy. Get recipe here.

9. Cauliflower fried rice

For who those want avoid rice can give this recipe a try. These taste like fried rice and they are juicy too.

Also if you want to introduce cauliflower to picky eaters this is another great recipe. No one tell it is cauliflower. Get recipe here.

Sabzi Snacks recipes

10. Egg plant fries

Fried Eggplanr fries recipe

These eggplant fries are great way to introduce egg plants to picky eater. They are just like other fries but no one can tell these are eggplant. Get recipe here.

10. Instant Noodle Frittata

This is yummy snack made with instant noodle and eggs. The filling has vegetables. Frittata is Italian egg dish, it is like a thick omelette with cheese, spices and filling. Get recipe here.

11. Corn Cheese Balls

This is very simple recipe and can be made quickly. It is just great for young children. Get recipe here.

Sabzi Salads recipes

12. Cauliflower salad

This is super quick and satisfying salad to be served any high protein food or rice. You can serve it warm or cold. Get recipe here.

13. Spinach corn salad

This is very yummy, healthy salad. Serve it chilled and the spinach taste so great when chilled. Get recipe here!

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