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Here’s I present a collection of Mutton Recipes. For easy navigation, I divide the collection into mutton cuts and mutton mince.

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Mutton or Lamb?

First of all let’s clear little confusion, in India / Pakistan mutton is meat of goat, usually young goat. Lamb is considered as meat of sheep.

While internationally, lamb means meat of young goat (kid) and mutton means meat of old goat.T hat’s why I used both terms.

Honestly, I wished to post this Mutton recipes round up next year with many more recipes but then I changed my mind as seasonal round ups really help easy navigation of site. Please mention your favourite mutton recipes request in comment.

Indian / Pakistan Mutton RecipesĀ 

Aloo mutton recipe (goat curry with potato)

aloo gosht Recipe

This is a classic Pakistani curry loved by all and staple in every Pakistani home. This is one pot, slow cook recipe of aloo gosht that is so easy to make and still tastes so good.

Mutton kunna recipe

Mutton kunna recipe

An easy version of Chinioti mutton kunna. You’ll need mutton leg cut into pieces for this recipe. The mutton shanks tastes so yummy. The aroma of black cumin is key to the taste.

Kaari Chawal Recipe |Mutton in coconut and mixed nuts curry

kaari ChawAL

Kaari Chawal is a traditional Bohra curry made with a special spice blend. The spice mix is made of peanut, cashew, almond and coconut milk. So rich in taste and so unique in taste. Recipe of spice mince also given.

Haleem | Spiced Wheat and mutton curry

Haleem recipe

This is lentil free Haleem recipe. It has only wheat and barley. The rich taste of mutton and the sticky texture of barley gives it distinguished Haleem flavour and sticky texture. Unique and delicious recipe.

Yakhni pulao | Rice cooked in mutton stew

mutton pulao recipe

Yakhni means soup, the rice are cooked in aromatic spiced soup and it absorbs all the juices of meat and spices. This is a delight for any pulao lover.

Mutton leg recipe

mutton leg recipe

Is there anything meat that can beat Lamb / mutton leg’s softness, and taste. This recipe is made with cashew, roasted cumin and coriander seeds. And combination is just unbeatable.

Paya recipe|Mutton Trotter curry

mutton trotter recipe

This is soupy Mutton Trotter recipe made with green chilli and onions. This curry is not very spicy like Punjabi paya. It has subtle flavours of paya and corriander. (These are also called kachi piyaz ka paya).

Mutton Mince Recipes

Best Bhunna Keema (fried mince meat Indain Style)

Mutton mince recipe

This is Indian / Pakistan classic mince meat recipe. This just can’t disappoint anyone. The spice, gravy and herbs are quite balanced in this recipe. Try it, you won’t regret!

Aloo keema (Potato Mince Curry)

Mutton mince recipe

This is another classic curry staple in most south Asian non-vegetarian homes. This version is one pot and slow cook. Just right for those busy days when you dump everything in a pot. Take shower or other chores the mince will cook alone. Just stir fry it for few minute and serve.

Hari mirch keema (Green chilli mince curry)

Mutton mince recipe

If you like green chilli pepper over red chilli and black pepper. This recipe will delight you. It super simple to make, gives you the bite of sweet onions and potato along with spice of green chilli. That’s my go to mince recipe.

Chapli kabab | (Mutton Kabab Recipe)

Mutton kabab recipe

These will be best kabab you ever had. Chapli kabab is a Afghan dish. It is made with thickly grounded spices and pomegranate seeds. The juicy tomato added in the end is absolute delight to the palate.

Mutton aloo patties (Potato mince cutlets)

Mutton patties recipe

The mince filling of this recipe is very tasty. When yummy filling is wrapped in mashed potatoes and coated with bread crumbs, the filling taste even better.

Mutton keema samosa (mince pockets)

Mutton samosa recipe

Mince filling is wrapped in flour flatbread strips then fried for crispy coating. And it’s tastes so good with imli chutney.

Mutton kofta (meatball and yogurt curry)

Mutton meatballs recipe

Can anything really beat meatballs? How about having it in spicy yogurt and cashew curry? Give it a go, it taste so yummy! Easy pictorial recipe makes it very easy to follow.

Lagan Seekh Recipe with bread | Mince Meat Pie


Don’t want to roll or fry kabab. This soft and juicy mince meat pie will give you taste of kabab without much effort. It also has a layer of oven fried eggs on top. This is so yummy and easy to make.

Lagan Seekh Recipe with fried potatoes | Mincemeat Pie

Mutton pie recipe

This is another version of crustless lagan ki seekh which has fried potatoes instead of bread. So its also gluten free. I like this version more that above version because it sets very well. YUM! Serve with some ketchup on the side for best taste.

Seekh kabab recipe on stove

Mutton kobab recipe

These kabab are super delicious. The step by step show tutorial of chicken seekh kabab, but recipe card shows little variation you need to do make mutton seekh kabab. This is our family favourite recipe and can be made on stove as well.

Keema Cutlets Recipe | Mince Cutlets

Mutton cutlets recipe

This is traditional mince cutlets recipe. What makes it different is that its super soft and juicy. Taste so good alone or in buns or sandwich. Can be frozen ahead as well.

Kaleji fry Recipe | Mutton Liver Curry

Mutton liver recipe

The photo doesn’t do justice to yummy kaleji that comes out as a result of this recipe. The post also shares all tips related to making mutton liver.

Lasanyo | Mince , Garlic greens and Egg Breakfast

Mutton and egg recipe

A layer of half fry eggs served over mince and green garlic. Taste sooo good. You can also use your leftover mince in this recipe. Make your breakfast special.

Keema Khichri Recipe | Mince and Lentil Rice

Mutton mince rice recipe

Stir fried mince served with yellow lentil rice along with boiled eggs and fried potatoes and onions. All this is wrapped in a yummy biryani. The step by step makes it super easy to follow this recipe.

Khurdi |Aromatic bone soup

Mutton Broth soup recipe

The mutton broth is flavoured with whole spice and mint. Flour and milk is used to give the broth creamy touch. The soup is even loved by picky eaters who dislike bone broth. Find more details in the post.

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