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Great to see you at this page! At, we provide easy pictorial recipes to make cooking a fun experience.

We strive to share techniques of cooking along with detailed steps. So to help understood connection of ingredients and how they react and even how to switch one ingredient for other. It is Pakistan’s first step by step recipe blog. We shares both traditional and modern Pakistani food recipes.

A category of Bohra recipes is prime charm of the blog. Dawoodi Bohra is a worldwide community with different ethnicities, a majority from Gujrat, India.

All recipes are researched and tested before posting. Low on budget and with handy ingredients for easy day to day cooking are preference. Substitutes or alternatives are always suggested for difficult to find ingredients. Most recipes are from scratch with easy and quick methods of cooking. Many recipes share storage and freezing guides to cut wastage. Leftover food recipes are also shared.

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Scrumptious presentation ideas are provided with tempting cover photographs. In most recipes with all ingredients urdu names are also mentioned. British measurements system is used, sometimes metric measure are also provided for convenience. All recipes are moderately spiced and suggestions are given with measure to increase spices. The recipes have pictorial step by step instruction for easy grasping and precise understanding.

A helpful and interesting introduction with tips for beginner in cooking or benefits of main ingredient to provide health awareness is a norm here.

If you have any suggestions or requests let us know in comments.
Permission will be strictly required before republishing any content or photographs.

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  1. Lamiya

    Hi Mariam,
    As someone who has become bohra after marriage I learnt to cook bohra food over the last 22 years I’ve been married. At one point even had a catering business. However, found your blog only recently much to my regret. The pictures are mouth watering. Keep adding more recipes. Tc.

    • Recipe 52

      I just loved to hear your story. Thank you so much for sharing. 😊👍🏻

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    Loved your recipes…. Share some more please

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    Such and wonderful story. Best of luck with everything.

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