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  1. Salma says

    Your website has amazing recipes. Everytime I feel what I can try with boneless chicken, meat, keema etc. I look up your website for recipes. They always turn out delicious. I commend that you take the time to post pictures of each step. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in and giving us yummy recipes to feed my family !

    • Recipe 52 says

      Hi Salma, nothing pleases me more than the fact that I could make someone happy. Thanks a lot for leaving a lovely comment.

  2. Umm-e-Aimen Taaha says

    Your recipe never fails…. tried your recipe today for big event and it turned out amazing, Thanks Marium

  3. Abeer says

    Hi, i just came across your vibe after scrolling through some insta accounts. Mashallah you are doing a great job. I m a pakistani blogger myself, more about lifestyle and i do share recipes too. I m loving the vibe of your blog and so i wanted to wish you well and say hi! 🙂
    I would try this recipe out too.

    • Recipe 52 says

      Hi Abeer, thank you so much for the lovely comment. I will definitely check your blog. Good Luck to you too.

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