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  1. Kashaf Abbas says

    Hi i tried this recipe today …my whole family appreciated me alot and taste was so yummmmmmm thanks thanks alot for sharing this recipe and for sure i ll try ur other recipes toooo.JAZAKALLAH

    • Recipe 52 says

      Method 1
      Cook your marinated chicken in skillet for 20 minutes. Carefully cover with gravy and sauce. Immediately roast in oven for around 7 minutes at 350 degree in middle shelf. Broil for few more minutes but keep an eye on the chicken while broiling. Remove from and cover let the chicken rest for 5-10 minutes so all juice settle then serve.

      I use this method while making tikka, it should work for this too.

      Method 2
      For complete roasting in oven, 350 F is the right temperature. Time depends on size of chicken, if you have rotating griller setting in oven, it works best. Take small sized chicken and it should take 40 minutes or more but please check for tenderness.
      Hope this helps. 😊

    • Recipe 52 says

      If you don’t have chilli garlic sauce, you can increase ½ tablespoon tikka masala in recipe and use ketchup instead of chilli garlic sauce.

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