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    • Recipe 52 says

      Hi Rahul,
      Bohra Biryani uses green chillies for spices.
      Sindhi biryani uses red chilli and a bit more garam masala. Another, difference is adding lemon, tomato slices, mint leaves when layering the rice.

  1. Rose Mary Antony says

    My classmates came home during this christmas vaccation and unfortunately my mom was not there. So i thought of making some biryani for them and yes i choose your site because you have well presented here with pictures. I made it accrodingly and it was a success. My mother can’t even believe that i made(I’m a person who never enters kitchen :P)

    One thing i noticed while making biryani is that no one can make a perfect biryani even if he is an expert chef .There are many facts to b kept in mind while trying out these kind of recipes like layering,spicing etc..Only after reading some good articles i did an attempt on your biryani and then only it came a good success.

    Will share with you some good read on those tips which I came across:

  2. Umm-e-Aimen Taaha says

    Enjoyed your birthday by making this biryani today it was delicious. I dont use color so i used saffron. Thanks for sharing wonderful recipe and Happy Birthday to you .

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