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  1. Ruqaiya says

    Thankyou thankyou so much for explaining so briefly for my each query.. when I tried it first time I was not sure about the bread thing so I made it without bread but it turned out to be amazing without that layer as well… Tonight I’m again making

    it but this time I will try with the bread layer…my family loved this easy peasy delicious pie.. thankyou so much for sharing amazing recipes I also tried your Tikka paratha roll bake it was also a wow dish.. 🙂

    • Recipe 52 says

      Thank for leaving a lovely feedback Ruqaiya. Please let me know, did you like it with bread? I’m so glad you liked paratha roll bake. I think, you’ll like my dabba chiken pie too. It’s super easy to make!

      • Ruqaiya says

        Hey it turned out awesome with that bread layer and I must that layer is important because it kept the dish very moist and creamy.. I will surely try dabba chicken pie also and will give u feedback soon. IA

    • Recipe 52 says

      Since, we are dipping it in milk it will be kind of soggy. In fact, the bread is should be well absorbed with all sauces. And it is hardly distinguishable in the pie.

  2. Ruqaiya says

    Hi why do put bread in the first layer.. wht the purpose of adding that and if I add veggies raw like this won’t it leave some moisture as veegies without stir frying do leave some moisture.. please reply I want to try it tonight

    • Recipe 52 says

      Usually in any pie there is some sort of carb which makes it filling , like potato, puff pastry, pasta, lasagne etc. So in this recipe bread act as carb.
      We’ll soak bread in milk and add sauce over it so it won’t taste like sandwich or so. In fact sometimes it is difficult to tell that a layer of bread is added to the dish. We are adding vegetables directly to hot white sauce, so it cooks the vegetable a bit. Besides, when we bake the pie the vegetable with cook further.
      The excess water from veggies will add to the moisture in the dish and save it from being too dry.
      This recipes has been tested number of times by me as well as many followers. Give it a go!:)

      Lastly, if you still prefer very soft vegetable than you can stir fry vegetables and add it as separate layer over the white sauce.

    • Recipe 52 says

      Thank dear, such comments are great motivation after a tired day of cooking, typing and photographing. Keep coming!

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