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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, thanks for the amazing recipe..
    I want to make these sandwiches a night before our picnic. So what to do to make sure the vegetables would not release water while they are in fridge and the sandwitches would taste fresh the next day.

    • Recipe 52 says

      Hi thanks a lot.
      Make sandwiches and store in fridge. Any water released by veggie will be soaked by bread. You can pack each sandwich in cling wrap and they’ll be fresh. So no need to worry, I’ve tried many times.
      If incase you plan to take sandwich spread and bread with you and make sandwich on picnic spot. (That’s when spread can turn runny.) Then pour sauce in your container and top with vegetables. DO NOT MIX. Mix on the spot and make sandwiches.
      Enjoy your picnic.

    • admin says

      Thanks a lot ?, I’ve ignored my blog due Ramadan. But such comments are great motivation to continue. ??

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