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Recipe Submission

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We value every single recipe that is shared by user and we try our best to approve every worthy recipe. Before writing a recipe following guidance should be kept in mind. People who try your recipe invest their time and money. So your recipe should be valuable, easy to follow, reasonably spiced and healthy. Mostly, all quick and easy recipes are everyone’s favourite. Instructions should clear and concise.

To make sure your recipe is selected and published please go through following steps.

Recipe Writing Checklist

Ingredient list

  1. List each ingredient in a line.
  2. List ingredient in the order it is used in the recipe.
  3. If more than one ingredient is added together in a single step,then list each  ingredient with greatest measure first.(For example, if all spices are added together, first mention spice with largest measure, like
  • 1 cup almond
  • 1 tablespoon coriander
  • ½ tablespoon cumin seeds
  • ¼ teaspoon red chilli flakes
  • a pinch salt
  1. Divide ingredient in sub heading for quick grasping. Write sub heading like For Meat, For Pastry in capitals.

  2. Human eye understands whole word more conveniently than abbreviations. Use tablespoon instead of tbsp, and grams instead of gm.

Recipe Instructions

  1. Divide your recipe into steps.
  2. Each step should have both time and visual sign of completion. (For example, fry onions for five minutes on low heat until golden brown.)
  3. If desired, you can also divide recipe instructions into sub group by adding headings as For Cooking Mince, Assembling etc.


  1. Mention any useful variation here.
  2. Guide a substitute for a difficult to find ingredient.
  3. Give useful information about storage.

Photography Tips

  1. Choose an outdoor place (garden, porch or gallery) or a large window with natural daylight to take photograph.
  2. Do not use flash.
  3. Do not put any filter on photographs that can change color of food.
  4. Take a close up photo for clear depiction of texture and colour of food.
  5. Make sure your background is neat. Or cover the area with napkin or cloth for an attractive background.
  6. Try to use white crockery.

Credits and Inspiration

All recipes should be original and created by you. All photos should be your and not anyone’s property. If the recipe is inspired by any person or cookbook, always give due credits.

Do not copy paste anyones recipe. While ingredients can stay same. Rewrite instruction in your own words and give due credits.

Why a recipe gets rejected?

We try to communicate when a recipe is rejected. So you can re-submit after fixing the issue.

  • Recipe failed in testing.
  • Unclear photography, food not clearly visible.
  • Cluttered background.
  • Poor photo quality
  • Instructions not clear.
  • Plagiarism

Terms and conditions

When you submit a recipe and photo, you give rights to to publish your recipe on this website, magazine or any print media. We reserve rights to edit to recipe and photo.

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