25 + Pakistani Mutton  Recipes


Here I present a collection of Pakistani Mutton or Lamb Recipes.

Utilise our amazing recipe selection to indulge in the delicious flavours of mutton. Every item, from delectable curries to exquisite roasts, is a work of art in the kitchen.

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This is a super easy and delicious mutton leg roast recipe or simply raan recipe. 

 Karahi Gosht 

A classic North Indian curry made in a tomato-based gravy. It is very aromatic with fenugreek leaves and is delicious. This is super easy to make and is a family favorite recipe

Aloo Gosht 

Get an authentic Pakistani aloo gosht recipe that has uniform gravy with a traditional comforting taste. Use the same ingredients with 2 cooking methods for a variety of tastes.

Mutton Kunna 

Chinioti Mutton Kunna gosht recipe that is delicious and meaty flavourful. This is a very simple recipe with few steps and very easy to cook.

 Kaari Chawal

Bohra Kaari, kari or curry is a traditional Bohra dish. It is a coconut and cashew (poppy seed) based curry that requires a special masala called Kari masala.

Arabic Haleem

TStep by step Mutton Haleem recipe (bohra style) with photos of each step. Haleem is traditional main course of south Asia countries like, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Yakhni Pulao 

Experience the tantalizing yakhni essence and aromatic bliss in every bite. Your search for the ideal recipe of yakhni pulao ends here.

Cashew Lamb Leg 

Is there anything that can beat Lamb/mutton leg's softness, and taste. This recipe is made with cashew, roasted cumin and coriander seeds. And the combination is just unbeatable.

Mutton Liver

The photo doesn't do justice to the yummy kaleji that comes out as a result of this recipe. The post also shares all tips related to making mutton liver. This is a must-eat recipe.

Shami Kabab 

This is a traditional Shami kabab recipe that can be made with boneless mutton or beef. The step by step recipe makes it so easy to comprehend.

  Mutton Recipes

By Mariam Sodawater