Chicken Malai Tikka

Chicken Malai Tikka

These are kids-friendly, soft, Reshmi tikka that has a creamy moderately spicy taste. These turn out better than restaurants and you will never order them again because they are so easy to make.

Chicken or Murg malai tikka is boneless chicken cubes (called boti or tikka) marinated in cream (called malai) and Indian spices. It is a creamy milder version of traditional spicy red chicken tikka.

Let’s get started!

Chicken Malai Tikka



8 skewers

60 mins




45 minutes



Since this is not a traditional recipe, it has many versions and is pretty versatile. There are three factors for the best chicken malai tikka.


Wash and pat dry chicken cubes. (If using chicken breast, wash and pat dry chicken breast first and then cut into 1-inch cubes.)


1Add the first set of ingredients and mix well. ( The tenderizer needs at least 45 minutes to work so the idea is to apply the tenderizer and available spice as soon as possible to save time.)


1. Then I assembled the remaining ingredients that needed chopping. I mixed it with yogurt, cream cheese, and cream.


And added this marinade also to the chicken. (Actually, you can mix all ingredients of the marinade together and apply in one go, I separate steps only to save time.)


Mix well and marinate chicken for a total of 45 minutes at least or 2 hours preferably. You can marinate up to12 hours ahead and store it in the fridge.


1. Thread the chicken on the wooden skewers. ( Instruction for barbecue and baking are above in FAQ section.)


 Fry chicken malai tikka skewers in a nonstick pan. Heat oil and place the tikka skewer in the oil.. Cook on high heat until water dries and tikka are lightly golden.

Chicken Malai Tikka Boti

Ready to Serve!

By Mariam Sodawater

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