Eid Recipes

Eid Recipes

Eid brings joy and festivity! Food is the most integral part of any festive celebration. This collection includes special dishes and medu ideas for Eid recipes for the auspicious occasion Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

While Eid is a religious celebration, food is a culture. So most Eid foods are regional and have variations of that region. This post has more Eid recipes along with fusion and world recipes loved by all.

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Chicken Korma

Looking for an easy, tasty, and the best chicken korma recipe that is made in just one pot? This authentic, repeatedly tested recipe, bursts with desi flavors. You just need 40 minutes to make it.

Sheer Khurma

Make authentic Eid Sheer Khurma with basic ingredients in just 25 minutes with the same traditional indulgent taste

Chicken Biryani

This is a detailed recipe of authentic Pakistani Chicken Biryani that is very delicious and easy to make. No, you don't need tons of difficult-to-find spices or ready-made masala. This is chicken biryani that fills your house with a tempting biryani aroma.

The taste of Om Ali is very rich and typical of Middle Eastern dessert. Although very different from baklava or kunafa yet it will remind you of it. The buttery puff pastry texture soaked in milk and the dense nut garnish gives this dish a royal grandeur. Hubby loved this Egyptian dessert.

Om Ali


Ready for a spicy flour-based beef stew? I know the description of the Pakistani beef nihari recipe is really unique and difficult to imagine. But I can tell you this will be best the curried beef stew you ever had. 

Chapli Kabab

Delicious groundmeat cutlets bursting with spices and fragrant aroma. Chapli kebab is the king of all kababs. It has a crunchy texture, tangy and nutty taste. It is full of aromas and bursting with flavors.

Sooji Halwa

Make authentic Pakistani sooji halwa in 20 minutes with an easy VIDEO recipe. Get my detailed recipe for restaurant-style halwa with tips and variations.

Chicken Tikka

Ready for a smokey succulent authentic Pakistani chicken tikka? It tastes just like a restaurant and as if just coming off the barbecue pit. Marinate tikka ahead and cook it within 25 minutes!

Mango Kulfi

This 3-ingredients version of traditional mango kulfi without condensed milk or cream is obviously easy to make at home and pantry-friendly. Plus the slow cooking makes it close to the original and authentic Pakistani mango kulfi recipe and taste. 


Seekh Kabab

Are you ready to enjoy the most delicious kebab in the world? Yup beef or lamb seekh kebab is most juicy when it comes to ground meat kebab. I’m particularly big fans of these kebabs and here is my version of Pakistan’s most famous mince kebab.

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By Mariam Sodawater