Grape Jam Recipe

If you like some texture adding grape pieces will also yield extra volume.

Grape Jam RECIPE

Hey friends, juicy, ripe grapes are in season and so it's time to make homemade grape jam without pectin. It tastes so good and needs just three pantry ingredients.

I'd recommend not to go for a very thick jam and keep it semi-solid, like in the video, adding grapes pieces is a personal choice. 

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Grape Jam Recipe




1 hr 5 mins




20 minutes


I used red, black, green grape, and Concord grape in different ratios while testing. I recommend using more black and Concord grapes for the rich flavor and color of the jam.



Try to use a seedless variety for easy hassle-free jam. If you are making grapes jam with seeds then deseed by cutting them in half and removing seeds with your thumb.


Transfer grapes to a food processor and blend until smooth. This might take a little longer as the skin won't break easily.


Transfer jam to a wide shallow pot and add sugar, and lemon juice (also add half cup whole grape for chunky jam)  See Variation above for low sugar jam.


Cook jam for 30-45 minutes on medium-low heat until jam is thick and glossy. The jam will splutter a bit when closing the setting point.


Drawing a line on a spatula will give you an idea of the jam setting point.


Do a cold plate test by dropping a teaspoon of jam on a cold plate. Draw a line. The line shouldn't meet. It will also give an idea of finish jam thickness.


Transfer hot jam to clean dry jars seal the lids and turn the jars upside down if storing jam in a fridge or freezer. Let it set to room temperature for 12 hours then transfer to fridge or freezer.


If canning, follow the canning procedure of removing air bubbles and process in a boiling water bath for 8 minutes. Let it sit in the bath for another 5 minutes after turning off the heat.

Grape Jam Recipe

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By Mariam Sodawater

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