50 + Pakistani Chicken Recipes

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Find the best Pakistani Chicken  recipes with gravy and boneless chicken recipes also included. 

These chicken dishes can be eaten with rice or roti. Most of the recipes are traditional Pakistani food. This post also includes some fusion of curries like khaosay and orange chicken for more curry ideas.

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Chicken Korma

Looking for an easy, tasty, and the best chicken korma recipe that is made in just one pot? This authentic, repeatedly tested recipe, bursts with desi flavors. You just need 40 minutes to make it. Taste so good! Scroll down to see the photos!

Reshmi Handi

Paneer Reshmi Handi Recipe is easy chicken curry with siky smooth gravy. You just need 30 minutes and 5 spices to make this white chicken cheese handi. Did I tell you it's restaurant style and everyone loves it!

Lahori Chargha

Get this Pakistani-style, spicy fried chicken recipe that requires very little active time. You first steam the Lahori chargha for the juiciest tender chicken followed by deep-frying for a crispy crust.

Chicken Handi

Easy peasy chicken handi that can be based on many other boneless handi recipes! Just 35 minutes of cooking time! Learn handi-making secrets and experiment with ingredients in hand!

Chicken Malai Tikka

Ready for the best chicken malai tikka or Malai boti? These are kids-friendly, soft, Reshmi tikka that has a creamy moderately spicy taste. These turn out better than restaurants.

Chicken Haleem

This fool-proof chicken haleem recipe has straightforward steps and an easy method with clear visuals. Enjoy the same traditional authentic haleem taste with a chicken variation.

Chicken Karahi

Make this tomato-based tangy Pakistani Chicken Karahi in just 35 minutes! You can use fresh or canned tomato puree. Just basic Indian spices for this tangy and buttery stir-fried curry. Do check the easy video recipe!

Chicken Biryani

This is a detailed recipe of authentic Pakistani Chicken Biryani that is very delicious and easy to make. No, you don't need tons of difficult-to-find spices or ready-made masala.

Chicken Dynamite

Chicken dynamite is perfect for the appetizer and loved by kids and adults alike. It originated in P.F. Chang restaurant and it was created to provide a local alternative of dynamite shrimp.

Chicken Seekh Kabab

I'm a die-hard lover of juicy succulent seekh kabab. Follow this recipe step by step ditto and you'll get simply scrumptious food hitting your palate.

Pakistani Chicken Recipes

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