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Plum jam recipe without pectin | Step by Step with photos

Step by step Plum jam recipe without pectin with photos of each step.

A super simple recipe to absolutely delicious jam. It just tastes so good. This is a tarty Jam and is very easy to make.


Since, sugar is a natural preservative in a jam, you need to a certain amount of sugar. For a sweet jam you go beyond that amount and make it sweet. That’s why in ingredients, I have mentioned both measures for less and more sweet jam.

2 cup will give you sweet and tarty plum jam. And why not make a less sugar more pulp jam at home and ditch the store-bought jam.

3 cups will make it sweet jam just like the store-bought, of course better. If you are making jam for kids than add three cups sugar.

This Plum jam has rich color and spreadable consistency since we are not using pectin, it will be thick in the jar and not set like regular jam.

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How to make plum jam recipe without pectin?

Plum jam recipe without pectin
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 30 mins
Total Time
1 hr 40 mins

A super simple recipe to absolutely delicious jam. It tastes sweet and taste.

Course: Breakfast, Condiment
Cuisine: World
Keyword: Plum jam recipe without pectin
  • 1 kg plum pitted
  • 2 cups sugar
  1. Sterilize two 300 ml jars and their lids in boiling water for 8 minutes. Remove jars and transfer on a clean towel and let it dry naturally.

  2. Keep few plates for cold plate test in freezer.

  3. Meanwhile, in a thick bottomed and wide based pot, take sugar and plum. Cook for 20 minutes on medium flame until soft.
  4. Then mash plum with a potato masher. Cook further on slow flame for about an hour.
  5. To test consistency put a large drop of jam on cold plate. Wait for 30 secs to cool then hold plate horizontally. If jam is flow through the plate immediately continue cooking for 10 more minutes. And if it sets then stop cooking. Jam is ready.

Recipe Notes

Storage: This recipe will make two regular jam jars (250 ml each). I recommend freezing one and storing another in fridge. Follow sterilisation process and always use clean spoon to serve the jam and do not linger your finger inside or around rim of jar. A little care and your jam will be good for many months.

Step by step recipe of plum jam recipe without pectin.

Sterilise two jars (300 ml each) in boiling water for 8 minutes. Also boil lids.

Dry on clean towel. Let air dry naturally. Also keep few plates in freezer for Cold Plate Test.

Take pitted plum in wide based and thicker bottomed pot.

Add sugar and cook for 20 minute on medium flame until soft.

See! Sugar has melted and plum are soft.

After 20 minutes, when plum are soft mash it with a potato masher.

Cook jam for about an hour on very slow flame with occasional stirring.

Do a cold plate to see jam is ready to set by putting large drop of hot jam on freezer cold plate and wait for 30 seconds to cook. This is a stage, I stopped but my jam doesn’t set absolutely, its thick and spreadable. It’s runny as shown above so you can cook further for thicker jam. This cold plate test will guide you what your jam would be when cool.

Plum jam recipe without pectin

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