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  1. Rukham Ajaz says

    5 stars
    Excellent technique. It was so hard to find the perfect tea leaves in canada but I did find them. It was perfect. Perfect colour and taste. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. Sending love and prayers your way <3

  2. Eli says

    Thank you for publishing your version of this recipe! I got some green tea from Balochistan and it worked very well. Moreover, to my taste, you got the tea-soda-water-ratio well figured out. As a last step, I added the method of aerating the tea by scooping it up and letting it fall back into the pot, but didn’t do this for a very long time. (5 mins perhaps) Still, I got the impression that this improved the deep red colour even further. Although I had a dark red brew to start with already. Any thoughts on why the aerating method would do that? Thanks again — you made my day!

    • Recipe 52 says

      Thanks Eli for leaving a detailed review.
      The aerating is a common method used at all DHABBA (STREET STYLE CHAI CAFE) for all milk teas. I don’t have any scientific reason for your question but it is well practised way of making tea. It might be extra oxygen from air helping the enhanced color or the areating might be helping to combine all elements well.
      You’ve made my day too since this recipe is very dear to me. Thanks

  3. Saj says

    Hi there I’m just finished my Kashmiri chai it was so nice 👍🏽 thanks I did boil the water for about 40/50 minutes it’s well worth it i used almost all the ingredients but left out the baking soda thanks again Saj

  4. Maria says

    Can’t wait to try this! Also, read through the comments for additional tips – can’t believe how negative some people are and kudos to you for dealing with it in such a great manner. I think it comes down to education and common courtesy which unfortunately is not very common in the sub-continent. Thanks for sharing the recipe and I will definitely follow up with my experience. Disclaimer: I am rubbish in the kitchen

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