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    • Mariam Sodawater says

      On counter, more than 1 week.

      In refrigrator, it keeps for more than a month. A little care which is with anything without preservative is use clean spoon every time for serving. Keep the lid tightly closed as exposure to oxygen can make any nut butter rancid.

      In freezer, it stays good for 3 months.

      So if I can’t use whole batch within a month, I take out a small portion in small quantity in a separate clean jar to store in fridge and freeze the rest.
      If oil separates, give it a whisk.

      Hope this helps.

  1. zebunnisa says

    Ooh, I love peanut butter…..will try your recipe.

    Thank you for liking my blog “Grandfathersdiaries” . Hope you will follow the story!

  2. Sara says

    This is a perfect recipe for a perfect timing. I was going to buy peanut butter to use in some of my recipes. Thank you for sharing! One quick question – by oil you meant vegetable oil right?

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