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    • Recipe 52 says

      Yes, ideally you should double masala. The best way to do is to make the double spice mix and add 1 tablespoon less spice mix in the recipe. When most of the chicken is cooked, take a taste test. Add that 1 tablespoon only if needed. Hope this helps. 🙂

  1. Faisal says

    Very well written recipe and pictures. Thank you. I tried it on Saturday (Dec 7) and followed the recipe fully. My family loved it! The only ingredient missing was fenugreek. But it turned out okay without it. A wok worked for me as I dint have a karahi on hand.

  2. Lee says

    Absolutely love this recipe all family and friends love it and so so easy to make, how would you make this with lamb? Same way but cover pan for longer? Thank you

    • Recipe 52 says

      Hey, Lee thank you so much for leaving a lovely feedback.
      Karahi tastes even better with lamb. You can either cover it and cook it longer. Or just like chicken fry your meat in a separate pot until slightly golden than add a little water as needed to cook the lamb. You can partially cook your lamb then cook completely in tomato gravy. (so while meat is cooking you can prepare tomato gravy and save some time too.)

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