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    • Recipe 52 says

      Saffron is mainly added for lovely aroma, but it also add a little color in biryani. We add orange color dissolved in little water on top of biryani. (It is drizzled over the last layer of rice just before dum) This is mainly to give biryani lovely color and make it look tempting.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Anna Jaffar says

    I don’t have prunes can I use imli instead somehow? If yes then how? I’ve never made homemade biryani before

    • Recipe 52 says

      Just add imli in chicken korma (curry) when chicken is tender. The imli (tamarind) will dissolve in the curry. Good Luck!

    • Karli Osborn says

      Beautiful recipe. I have a few questions; how much water do I use when first cooking the rice, how do i know the rice is 70% done, and during dum dena, do I complete this step on the stove top or the oven? Thank you

      • Recipe 52 says

        Thanks Osborne for leaving the comment.
        1. You boil rice in a large pot at least 4 time bigger than the amount of rice. Then you fill 3/4 of pot with water add whole spices and salt.
        2. When your water boils, add rice and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then take out a few grains of rice with spoon. Press a grain of rice between your finger and thumb. If you see most of your test rice grain is cooked and meshed. Just 1 tiny bit of rice is uncooked and doesn’t mesh. Then you know it’s 70% cooked. If not let it cook for another 2 minutes and test again. (I’m trying to explain in best way I could. But you’ll learn this by experience only.)
        3. You do all cooking on stove.
        4. Check this link for more info.

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