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Chicken Almond Cream Soup recipe

Cookies and Brownies

Brownie recipe with cocoa powder and oil from scratch

Dessert and Sweets

Easy Peanut jaggery brittle recipe/ how to make moong phali chikki

Karela Masala Recipe

Main Course, Vegetarian

Karela masala recipe Pakistani | Step by Step with photo

Bohri Biryani recipe

Bohra Recipes, Main Course

Bohri Biryani Recipe | Pictorial

tricks and checklist

How to peel a tomato|how to remove skin of a tomato.

Salads and Chutneys

Green chutney recipe with mint, coriander and yogurt

Condiments and spices

Recipe: Sweetened Condensed Milk (just three ingredients)

Salads and Chutneys

Kachumbar salad recipe|Fresh Pakistani salad to go with biryani and pulao

Roti and Paratha (Indian flat bread)

Leftover Dal paratha recipe | Step by step with photos

Main Course

Kashmiri red chilli chicken curry recipe

tricks and checklist

 How to blanch almonds- the quickest way.

Condiments and spices

Pickled Jalapenos Peppers Recipe, Bari hari mirch ka achar/How to make jalapeno peppers

tricks and checklist

Kashmiri lal mirch/ Kashmiri red chilli substitite.

Kids Food, Snacks

Chicken nugget Recipe fried with ground chicken|Step by Step


Cucumber Soup Hot Recipe ( with orange juice)

Butters and Jams

Recipe: Homemade Almond Butter

Butters and Jams

Peanut Butter recipe|How to make peanut butter

tricks and checklist

Recipe: Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Karachi and Me.

tricks and checklist

Make Sour Cream at Home

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